Electric shavers for son with learning disability

Im wondering if anyone can advise me which type of electric shaver they use, if there are any shavers especially made for those who struggle with fine motor skills. My son needs a good electric shaver, up until now, he prefers to use a beard trimmer to shave with but thats just not practical anymore, any advice would be appreciated!

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It depends on who will be shaving your son. Our son has to be shaved by his carers so we bought an electric shaver that would be fairly easy to use by his carers. It was a good quality shaver and has a self cleaning mechanism. However we don’t think electric shavers give as good a shave as a wet shaver but that’s not safe or practical if your son shaves himself. I’d perhaps ask around any men in your circle or ask in John Lewis or Boots. Your local OTs in Social Services may also have ideas. Good Luck.

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I use the Philips Aqua wet shaver on my son it can be used with shaving foam.

My brother in law has LD and we have provided him with a Philips top of the range shaver, the heads are very flexible and helps him to control the shaver. It’s not perfect but have found this to be the best way. The shaver can also be washed for cleaning

Hi abb
There’s no right or wrong answer to your question but as an LD nurse with many years experience of delivering direct care and equally as a man who shaves daily i’d suggest that you consider a rechargeable electric wet and dry shaver with rotary heads. If your son was to shave straight after bathing or showering or even during either activity his stubble will be softer and easier to cut. I’d also advise him to do this as often as necessary to avoid his stubble growing as the longer the hairs the more chance there is of catching them which can be painful and might put him off.
You don’t mention any sensitivities to noise or vibration but I’d remember to take account of those two when making a purchase.
Of course a wet shave with a bladed razor gives a closer shave but there’s always the risk of cuts and blood which might be distressing.
Hope this helps.

This has been an issue for my son who lives in a residential care home but is home fortnightly. My son is much more co-operative with me than with his carers regarding shaving, but I put this down to the ‘Mum voice’. I use a Philips PT860 rotary head rechargeable shaver. It is quick and quiet to use which is important for my son. We always shave my son before his shower but King of Shaves shaving oil is applied beforehand to reduce razor burn. I had brilliant advice and assistance from shavers.co.uk; When I described my son’s needs they recommended which shavers to use.

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