Events reduced until the end of 2018

Over 2019 The Sensory Projects will run a range of events aimed at people who support individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities or people who express their difficulties with the sensory world through their behaviour at venues around the country.

Ambitious and Inclusive Sensory Story Telling

Sensory Engagement for Mental Well Being

Sensory Engagement for Sensory Beings: a beginner’s guide. - For people in their first few years of supporting someone with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

The Counter Intuitive Course - For people with more than a few years experience of supporting people with profound disabilities.

Exploring the Impact of the Senses on Behaviour

Develop Your Sensory Lexiconary - which looks at the development of the Sensory systems.

The Super Sensory Lexiconary - a two day iteration of the above.

All of these events have reduced ticket price until the end of 2018