Eye Care Champions London and North West England

Hi, SeeAbility has recently appointed Eye Care Champions in London and North West England. Their role is to help people with learning disabilities and autism to look after their eyes and access eye care services. The Champions are a fantastic group of people who have lived experience of learning disabilities, autism and sight loss.

The Champions can deliver eye care training and stands at exhibitions and can work with people with learning disabilities and autism, carers and professionals.

If you would like to know more about what the Champions can do, please contact me and we can start the conversation! My email is s.kill@seeability.org

Thank you, Stephen


Hi Stephen,
I wonder if you could advise us.
Our lad has severe learning difficulties, challenging behaviour, no communication skills, autism and inflicts self injurious behaviour on himself, including punching his face. (I guess you can already see where this is going!)
Yes, he has a trauma induced cateract and is still punching his hace. he is thus in danger of making himself blind.
His opthamologist is reluctant to operate, so I wonder if you have come across similar situations and positive outcomes.
Thanks, and good luck with the new role…

Hi Frazer,
Thank you for your question and sorry to hear that your son is having these difficulties. We have advised other people about eye surgery and would be happy to assist you too. If you email me at s.kill@seeability.org I will link you up with my colleague Aylee who will be happy to help.
In the meantime, you may wish to have a look at our 2 easy read cataract factsheets and our Eye Surgery Support Plan -
All the best, Stephen

Perhaps the Liaison nurses may have some ideas, Cheltenham eye ford for instance, they have been great with complex situations like this. I understand my father just had a retina operation and was laid on his one side for two weeks. Difficult.

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Thanks Steven- seeability is a fantasic organisation to work with. We had a productive meeting with seability Hackney last week .

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Brilliant to be working with you Claudia, Wayne was buzzing after your meeting!

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Thank you Steven- this is good to know. I hope there would definitely be a working relationship between Camden People First and See ability.

Best regards

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