Feeling at Home: an exhibition of photos by people with learning disabilities

The Feeling at Home exhibition at Phoenix Art Space in Brighton is now in its second week.

An exhibition of photographs taken by nineteen people with learning disabilities will run until the 25th September.

The photographers - who live in group homes in Brighton and London - show what makes them feel ‘at home’ and what might get in the way of this.

Read more about it here: Feeling at Home: 19 photographers with learning disabilities share snapshots of their home

The exhibition will later travel around the country - would you like to host it? Get in touch with Katy Brickley if you want to find out more: katy.brickley@kcl.ac.uk or 07791 071850.

Hi Katy
This sounds such an interesting idea. I’d love to see the exhibition, do you know if it will be heading further north at anytime? I’m Derbyshire and Brighton feels a long way for a day trip! I hope you and the photographers get a good response at the exhibition & people come forward to host it in other areas.
Best wishes

Teresa Randon
Tel : 07885 739 122