Feeling at Home checklist and toolkit: can you help?

The Feeling at Home project is about what helps people with learning disabilities living in group homes feel at home and what gets in the way.

We have been exploring this with people with learning disabilities, their family members, and residential support staff.

We have used our findings to co-design a Feeling at Home checklist and staff toolkit. This has been an exciting stage of the project and we are keen to find out what people think!

We are now looking for homes to help us test out the checklist and the toolkit. Residents and staff will have a chance to use the checklist and give us feedback. We will also run half-day workshops for staff on using the toolkit to find out what staff teams think about it.

We think the checklist could be used by people with learning disabilities, their families, and supporters in choosing a new home or as part of their annual review as well as by Quality Checkers and the Care Quality Commission.

The toolkit has lots of ideas for residential staff about how they can help residents feel at home.

Who can take part?

Residents and staff in a group home for people with learning disabilities where at least two people live together with staff support.

Please note, not everyone in the home needs to take part. It may be that just one or two people are interested.

If you are interested, the next step would be for one of our research team to visit you at the home, explain the process to you and residents, and answer any questions. We would leave the checklists with you to use and then be back in touch again at an agreed later date.

Please let me know if this sounds interesting and if so, when might be a good time to visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Many thanks

Katy Brickley