‘Finding Ivy – a Life Worthy of Life’ Exhibition London 8 - 19 April 2024 Event 10 April 2024

‘Finding Ivy – a Life Worthy of Life’ is an exhibition about the life stories of 13 British-born people who were killed as part of the Nazi ‘euthanasia’ programme between 1939-1941. They were killed because they were mentally ill, learning disabled or otherwise disabled. The research team who unearthed the life stories and put the exhibition together is led by Helen Atherton, who first spoke about this at the SHLD conference some years ago, and includes Simon Jarrett, who is a member of the SHLD group. This is a very grim and tragic story, but the researchers hope that they have restored some humanity to the people whose lives were taken by putting together their life stories, often with the help of their families.

The exhibition is showing at the London Metropolitan Archives (near Farringdon) from April 8th to April 19th before touring other parts of the UK. There is an event at the LMA on Wednesday April 10th from 6-8 pm. You can book a place here https://finding-ivy.eventbrite.co.uk

Please contact Simon simonjarrett1@outlook.com or Helen H.L.Atherton@Leeds.ac.uk if you would like to know anything more about the exhibition or have a venue where you think it could be hosted.