FREE download: People with Learning Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System

Family carers and learning disability providers are often asked to act as an ‘Appropriate Adult’ for a person with a learning disability whom they support, however, many are untrained and have little experience of the criminal justice system themselves.

This free downloadable guide explains the role of an ‘Appropriate Adult’ and provides information about the criminal justice system, explaining terms that we have often heard but not fully understood.

Did you know?

  • People with autistic spectrum conditions are seven times more likely to come into contact with the police than the general population.
  • 15% of young people in custody are on the autistic spectrum
  • Young people with learning disabilities represent 30% of people in custody
  • 10% of the prison population has a diagnosed learning disability (that’s 8,000 people in England & Wales)
  • 60% of prisoners have difficulties with “communication skills”
  • This guide will increase the understanding and confidence of untrained Appropriate Adults, helping them to deal with a difficult and stressful situation.

“Fantastic! Thank you so much. I will share it far and wide as it’s incredibly useful”. – reader, 2016

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The full guide ‘People with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system: a guide for carers and learning disability services’ is available for free download now.

This guidance was produced with funding from The Big Lottery Fund.