FREE webinar about Sensory Processing Disorder


I am organising a free webinar to introduce to you what SPD is and how we can understand some of the characteristics we see in people with SPD.

Join via our website before 12pm on 1st June 2018 so we can sign you up.

The aim will be to give you the knowledge to understand why we may see certain characteristics and what it means in relation to someone’s sensory processing.

I will also share some ideas we can begin supporting people with SPD at Home and in professional settings including work and education.


I would like to be included please regards Chris Dunn


Hi Chris,

Please send an email to and we will send you the information.

Kind regards


Becky Lyddon

Sensory Spectacle Founder


I will like to be included. Thank you.

Sister Bernadette


Please email us at to be sent the webinar details.

Becky Lyddon

Sensory Spectacle Founder