GOLD schemes: Where are they?

Do you know of any Growing Older with Learning Disabilities (GOLD) schemes nationally? There used to be one in London and one in Birmingham. There is certainly an active one in Manchester. Are there others? Is there a “forum” or group where they keep in touch? Any information welcome! I would like to be able to contact them.

East Kent Mencap has a GOLD project, but it’s ‘Getting On with Learning Disabilities’, not ‘Growing Older’.
It’s confusing they share the same acronym - perhaps someone can clarify whether they are both national schemes and if they are connected?

Leeds has a Tine to Shine Project - aimed at combating social isolation in over 50’s. There is a project called Bee Together which focuses on older people with a learning disability. It might be worth a look.

Many thanks indeed, Kath. I am sorry to have been so slow to reply. Is the “Bee Together” in Leeds also? Best wishes Peter