Good practice in Transforming Care

I am interested to hear of anywhere that has got Transforming Care right, both bringing people back from out of area, and also building good local provision for those who might be at risk of being sent out of area. Please, can the Choice Forum help

From personal experience both of the CCGs in Devon are excellent.
If care that is being received in an ATU can be delivered in the Community, that’s what happens.
They are not looking to ‘fit people in’. They start by commissioning a life plan which identifies in detail where the person should live & how they should be supported. Staff are recruited in a person-centred way, meet with the individual whilst still in the ATU, work alongside and plan home leave etc etc.
To the best of my knowledge all discharges have had successful outcomes.

Thanks for this, Jan. I have forwarded to my senior OT colleague who wants to learn from how others have done it well. She even has a budget to do this research. She may be in touch,