Green Light discussion forum

The Green Light Discussion Forum
The Green Light Toolkit helps mental health services work better with people with autism or learning disabilities as well as mental health difficulties. If working on Green Light issues is part of your role, or if you are interested in this topic, the Green Light Discussion Forum is for you. The purpose of the Green Light Discussion Forum is to share ideas and solutions so that people get good support.

How will it work?
We use a forum called “Yammer”. It is a bit like Facebook, but is for invited members. Your invite will include a help sheet and some signposts to other guides once you’ve signed in.
Who can join?
The Forum is open to anyone who is interested in sharing ideas online. People themselves, family and friends, mental health staff, people working in learning disability services who are interested in supporting people with mental health issues, and anyone else with an interest in the subject. We will keep an eye on the discussion and try to ensure that people respect each other and share things that can help.

How do I join? What happens next?
Send your email address to and she will reply with a link called “accept Invitation” for you to click and register on a sign up screen. If you already have a Yammer account the link will simply add this network to your existing account.

Can I invite others to join?
Yes – please do. The more people that are registered, the better the discussions and the more value will be gained. So please look on the help sheet when it comes and follow the instructions for inviting others.