Help With Anger Management

My adult daughter is displaying serious anger management issues. She is particularly angry with me and her father and pushes us away from helping. However she says she wants help with her anger - this would probably need to be one-to-one and local - Bath. Any suggestions?

Hi there, have you tried your local community health team for people with learning disabilities? In Bath it would be the complex health needs team up at St Martin’s hospital:
Complex Health Needs - Bath and North East Somerset Community Health and Care Services
If they can’t help they might be able to signpost to somewhere else local.
I hope you can find someone to help. Best wishes, Cathy.

Thank you Cathy. We are in contact with the complex health needs team and they are working to help, but one of the issues is my daughter’s unwillingness to be helped because of her anger at being in need of help!! However, I think some progress is being made, slowly! I appreciate your support. Mary

You could also try contacting the Challenging Behaviour Foundation to see whether they can either provide some advice or direct you to other sources of support.

Good luck!


Hello Mary,

Have you ever come across Books Beyond Words series before? The books tell stories on a range of different topics using pictures without any words. The stories can help to support conversations about peoples’ feelings and experiences, whilst empowering the ‘reader’ to take control of the conversation. Each book also has information at the back for supporters and carers.

A few years ago we developed a story called ‘Feeling Cross and Sorting It Out’: I wonder if this might help your daughter to explore and express how she is feeling?

If you have any questions I’d be happy to help. You can drop me a note at

Take care,




Hi Hannah,
I haven’t come across these books before. I’ve ordered the one you suggested and hope to use it with S. Many thanks. (I also asked at my local bookshop whether they might stock anything useful - they are looking to increase the diversity of their stock, so it might be worth getting in touch - Mr Bs emporium of books, Bath.)
Thank you.


Thanks Neil. I contacted them and they are focused on people with severe learning difficulties so not directly helpful for my daughter, but they suggested trying Talking Mats - a resource which is generally designed for people with communication difficulties but might be useful to help S process her thinking.

Hi Mary
I really feel for you and I’m sure lock down didn’t help. Sometimes, giving each other space helps. Does your daughter attend any clubs or other social settings? Your local MENCap, MIND etc may run these for minimal cost. It will also give u support talking to the staff or other parents many I’m sure in similar situations. Being together all the time gets one into a ‘grove’ of responses difficult to get out of and change . A fresh situation can just be the turning point.