Home Ownership Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Hello all. Were you aware that someone with a disability who also relies on benefits for their income can buy a home of their own using a unique Government approved housing model known as HOLD (Home Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities)? For more than 20 years this model’s successfully been used by people with even the most profound disabilities, giving them the chance to choose how and where they live their lives coupled with the long-term security that ONLY home ownership provides.

As you’ll expect there are qualifying criteria that property buyers must meet, they must be:

  • 18+ years old with clean credit history and no outstanding debts.
  • In receipt of Disability Living Allowance High or Middle Rate Care or PIP equivalent together with other qualifying benefits.
  • Unable to work in conventional employment.
  • In possession or in the process of arranging a suitable Care & Support package, either with a Local Authority, a private care provider or the buyer’s family.
  • Able to put down a deposit and pay fees associated with buying their new home. This costs c. £17,000 (this includes a 10% deposit on their share of the property – PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COSTS MAY BE CONSIDERABLY MORE THAN £17,000 IN AREAS WITH HIGHER THAN AVERAGE PROPERTY PRICES – PLUS getting them ready for home ownership and ensuring it’s sustainable) AND able to contribute to their housing costs of c. £30 per week. It MAY be possible to secure some or all of the deposit money from a range of different sources including the ‘bank of mum and dad’ or various public sector organisations, please contact MySafeHome to explore this further.

To find out more about HOLD for individuals, friends, couples or families please visit www.mysafehome.info , contact MySafeHome on 02476 402211 or email enquiries@mysafehome.info

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