Ideas for activities please

I was hoping I could pick your brains ?
I work in a day centre for adults with pmld and we are looking for covid safe activities we can do Because we are mixing people from different household everything needs to be disinfected between people which rules out a lot of our usual sessions as things like sensory stories can’t be easily cleaned.
I have set up a little tac pac bag for each person but we are struggling for ideas.
Does anyone have any other ideas for easily cleanable activities?

Some ideas for activities for Adults with PMLD
A Sensory pedicure / manicure session using , oils , fragrances , brushes sponges, hair dryers to dry feet or hands, stones or small balls in bowl .
A sensory ‘walk‘ to collect Natural material - cover a canvas / card with glue - all spread nature collection on glued sheet. Then use feet or hands prints using paints to make picture.
Make Dough from dry flour - dough.
Parachute games with music to stop and start if lying down in a group.
Use own toothbrush, flannel, hairbrush , cup , spoon etc to make sensory story ‘ what do we do everyday’ . All bring their toilet bag with them , use spare clothes when it time for them to get dressed.

They could always submit some Covid 19 themed art/photography as appropriate for our we are building an inclusive creative hub and want all abilities involved. We can set weekly themes.


I have mobilised our services! They are doing their very best at these limited times, and I’m sure they can suggest some fun things. I know a whip the table cloth out competition has amused a lot! We also have ideas on our website as we developed our “at home” service during lockdown. Feel free to check it out I have to admit some activities have left me crying with laughter where they went wrong and others leaving me running to cover up my covid grey hair streak!

Alison Cooper
Executive Director