Independent Supported Living and shared transport

Hi Everyone,
I am a parent who along with others were instrumental in partnering an ISL housing build comprising of ten self contained flats.In order to meet the many day to day transport needs all ten tenants pooled resources and hired three cars each paying mileage rates commensurate to usage.The support provider acted as Lessee but the administration is controlled by parent representatives.
The contract was deemed business car hire and is coming to the end of the three year term.

As we look to replacement vehicles I wondered if anyone has any specialised knowledge on contract hire of cars.
We are wondering if indeed we need business or personal car hire-there is a difference in tariffs.Essentially the cars are for the sole use of tenants and support workers.
Further there are VAT implications which we are in need of a knowledge base.
If you have any experience on these matters it would be very much appreciated or if you can point us in the right direction.

Thanks in anticipation and best wishes to everyone.

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