interactive play equipment


Can anyone suggest possible interactive games for a cortically visually impaired child with emerging single word comprehension but very poor motor control
Thank you


Are you able to give a bit more information about the age of the child, whether they have a reliable way of indicating like / dislike? or a yes/no response? It would also be good to know more about their sensory needs - what level of tactile / hand over hand support they’ll tolerate. Do they have up-to date OT & SLT or physio assessments That would be a good place to start.
Are you aiming for anything in particular with the games? Having a goal in mind would be helpful in selecting the most appropriate activities.

Sorry if I’ve asked questions instead of answering them. This isn’t really my area of expertise, though there are some commonalities across the SLT field. I think it sounds like you could do with a full MDT assessment. Are you in touch with (or part of) your local community team?

Best wishes