Invitation to take part in a study of information on COVID

I am Alison (Wilde), and I am working with Robyn Steward to find out how people with learning disabilities and autism have experienced communications about COVID.
My own personal connection to learning disability comes from being the sister of a learning disabled person, and Robyn is autistic

We want to talk to people with learning disabilities and autistic people about how they feel about media and other forms of information on COVID-19. We would like to talk to people about anything which they think is important, including keeping safe from COVID-19, how to follow the rules around where they could go, who they could meet, what they should do.

Participation would involve talking to us twice, between May and July this year, and people can choose where this would be, including online meetings. Each discussion would take about an hour.

We are doing this research because we think that people with learning disabilities and autistic people should have better information given to them so that they can make their own decisions about what is right for them.

We will be very happy to give more information or material if you want to help us. We have an easy read information sheet. Please write to Alison at if you would like to find out more

Thank you for considering our request

Alison Wilde (Lead Researcher) and Robyn Steward (Research Assistant)