Join us in Leeds for Creativity in Care: A Day of Inspiration and Imagination with ARC England

14th May 2024, Bridge Conference Centre, Leeds

9.30am – 4pm

Would you like to reenergise, reconnect and unlock potential?

We would like to invite you to join us for our ‘unconference’, a day to take time out to recognise the incredible creativity that is happening every day in learning disability and autism support services and to explore how our own innate creativity can inspire amazing ideas to solve problems and facilitate authentic, inclusive ‘gloriously ordinary lives’, to quote Tricia Nicholls.

We are thrilled that amazing speakers like Clenton Farquharson and Michelle Rebello, Dimensions, have agreed to join us, along with the incredible DanceSyndrome who will be performing and showing us how their creative process works.

ARC England member organisations will be running workshops and sessions and you will have the chance to bring along a challenge you are facing to see how creative thinking could help. We are all creative, whether we realise it or not, and we are all using our creativity every day to come up with solutions to the issues we face. We recognise that things remain difficult for providers, staff and supported people, and we acknowledge that no single approach will provide a solution for the sector’s problems, but we believe that stepping away from the day-to-day and creating space for thought will provide an environment in which you can think differently and maybe even work differently.

How to book your place

You can book tickets for Creativity in Care: A Day of Inspiration and Imagination with ARC England on Eventbrite.

Each ticket is £74.95 per place, which includes all refreshments, buffet lunch and all event materials, PLUS for every paid place you are welcome to bring someone who draws on the support of your service at no extra cost. Full details are in the Eventbrite page.