Learning disabilities was I diagnosed right?

Hi I’m Bella I’m 20 I was wondering if someone could tell me if my learning disabilities test was done rightOn Tuesday an woman from a learning disabilities team came to see whether I have learning disabilities or not she asked me questions about reading maths and memory simple things like that I answered the questions very well and the woman came back today and I asked her if I have learning disabilities she said no I don’t have them she told me she took my answers to her place she did it without a computer and because she said because I need so well with my answers she said I don’t have learning disabilities was I checked out right for this? Or is there more things that need to be done to diagnose me with learning disabilities

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Hi Bella,
A learning disability is often diagnosed in childhood at a developmental check. Health visitors and GPs will look at what age the child is reaching their development milestones, such as learning to talk and developing physical skills. Sometimes a teacher may pick up difficulties too. Have you been assessed in your younger years at all?
Were you asked about daily living skills? Any support you think you need? I think if you are needing a diagnosis because you feel you need support in some way I would go back to the LD team to discuss with them further.

If you think you may have autism (which you can have without having a learning disability), this website may help with information on diagnosis:

Good luck!

Hello Bella. Were things hard for you at school? If you found it hard to learn at school you need to tell the learning disabilities team.

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Hi Bella,

To make a diagnosis of learning disability, there needs to be an assessment of your intellectual “profile”. This can show areas you are good at, and areas you need more help with. This usually involves completing what is called a WAIS assessment with a psychologist. They also might ask questions about what is called “adaptive functioning” - this just means your skills in daily living, and how much the areas you need help with affect you. The assessor would also want to find out when these difficulties started, as a diagnosis of learning disability can only be made if the issues have been present since childhood. It doesn’t sound like you have been offered this full assessment yet. There is more information at this link: https://www.learningdisabilitytoday.co.uk/searching-for-a-diagnosis

I hope that is helpful.

Verity Chester