Learning Disability Awareness Training

The National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) has been commissioned by the South Regional Health Education England Intellectual Disabilities programme to find and share best practice in training people who work in NHS trusts to support people with learning disabilities.

We are working in partnership with people with lived experience (both self-advocates and family carers) to identify good practice examples of training tools and approaches and to explore what is needed to ensure learning is put into practice.

We would like people to share:

  • examples of learning disability awareness training that is provided
  • examples of how training has helped achieve better outcomes for people with learning disabilities
  • any evaluations of training programmes

We are particularly interested in examples of training for staff who are based in healthcare settings but we know we might be able to learn from work in other settings, like training to the Police for example.

If you have anything to share or would like a conversation about this project then please contact anna.marriott@ndti.org.uk