Learning disability charity buy taxi firm

The Derry Journal reports that Destined, a charitable organisation based in Great James Street, bought Derry Taxis in Glenbrook Terrace because of what it describes as “a serious lack of transport” for people with disabilities.

Destined received financial support from the Ulster Community Investment Trust (U.C.I.T.)

“We have helped more than 150 people with learning disabilities to become more independent and feel included in society,” said Destined Manager, Dermot O’Hara.

“Many of our members are now able to go out and socialise around the town like anyone else but we noticed when it came to transport for people with disabilities, Derry was found wanting.

“So we came up with the idea of buying a taxi company that could provide a service to both an already existing customer base and to people with disabilities,” added Mr. O’Hara.

Read the full story at: http://bit.ly/cforum176