Let’s be friends. The We are Friends App today is coming to England

My name is Signe, founder of We are Friends today - the new social, communication and learning App, specially designed for people with learning disabilities.

We are Friends today is the new social App where your members can:

  • · Meet new friends with common interests online and create relationships
  • · Share their voice, even if they are non-verbal
  • · Develop social skills
  • · Enjoy entertainment and fun activities
  • · Find events in their local area
  • · Be supported and not feel alone
  • · Feel safe in a secure online Community

With a growing number of supportive organizations, the members in the App will get the opportunity to learn, get online knowledge and information about their work and will feel more supported.

We are Friends today is now ready to be introduced to users and organizations in the UK.

I strongly believe the best way to get the App launched in UK is in collaboration with organizations and member of the App. We are Friends will learn from this collaboration and adapt all the knowledge, the wishes and the feedback we get to the App, to make the best experience for members and organizations in the UK. We do that in a pace where we have the time to take care of everyone in the App.

Do you know of organizations and initiatives we need to contact?

I’m going to Dorset, Devon and Somerset and Cornwall in March to interview organizations, activities, day centers, events and workplaces centered around people with learning disabilities to create content and tell the stories of all the great places to the members of the App. We want to create present content which provides insight, information and inspiration into the life for people living with a learning disability in the South West.

I would greatly appreciate your help, so we produce exciting and encouraging content.

Want more information about We are Friends?
Of course! I’m here to help. Just reach out.

You can find much more information about us here: https://wearefriends.today

Hi Signe,
This sounds very interesting! Since you’re visiting the South West, you may come across some of our members (www.wtpn.co.uk) who work with parents who have learning disabilities. Your app sounds like it could be a useful way of putting parents with learning disabilities in touch with other parents with LD. I look forward to hearing back from any of our members that you visit.
Best wishes,
Policy officer for the Working Together with Parents Network.