Looking for Easy Read info about teenagers

Does anyone know of any Easy Read information for learning-disabled parents who have teenage children? Lots of information around about babies and younger children, but not teens. Particularly looking for information around supporting parents to manage behaviour and set boundaries, as well as something that helps to explain how teenagers develop.
Many thanks, in advance.
Policy officer for the Working Together with Parents Network.

Not that I can help but I’d be really interested if there is this type of resource too! Thank you in advance.

Thanks, Donnao. Nothing received yet via Choice Forum readers, but we’re going to be sending out the request to our Network members in a newsletter next week. If we get any replies, I’ll mention them here!

Brilliant thank you!

Hello it’s been a long time since i was involved with adults with learning difficulty however when i got stuck with a question i did not know the answer to i would contact People First this is an organisation ran by People with learning difficulty for People with learning difficulty in the past i found them very helpful.
hope this helps
retired family carer for an adult with learning difficulty

Hi Don. Thanks very much for your helpful suggestion. Our Network includes several self-advocacy organisations (many of whose members are also connected with local People First groups) who are usually excellent sources of information about Easy Read resources. So, I’m hopeful!