Looking for information and ideas for activities for people with LD that will be useful

I’m new to the site but am looking for some pointers for a possible new job.
I’ve worked for the past 2 years with some fantastic people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours and have just applied to move into an activities coordinator role. I was wondering if anyone out there has any pointers to sites or organisations that might provide some guidance on activities that will be useful for future prospects ?
The age range is from 18-50 and would like to do stuff that is going to provide life skills as well fun things.
Thanks for your time

Join People First The Movement facebook, lots information on there could help you.

Hi Jace,

Good of you to be seeking things that will add value…

Just a quick note to say that if you’re talking about activities that are anticipated to be funded by the government, please know that many jurisdictions are contemplating the issue of state sponsored day services now for the new year, 2016.

Understandably, it would appear that social services (at the least) are keen to invest in activities that fall into the following categories:

  1. vocational
  2. therapeutic, and
  3. enablement

Whatever the case, day services’ commissioning is undergoing thorough analysis at the moment as the state seeks to standardize the activities it is financing. It would therefore be a good idea to reach out to your commissioning authority(ies) and provide your thoughts on what has merit through your experience.

In the coming months, many of the previous day service activities are likely not to be funded unless they meet the criteria that appears to be changing.

If you’d like to chat, I’d be happy to explain what we’ve learned through recent meetings with our respective day services commissioners.

Chris Edwards
01329 310825

Hi Chris
Its not really the funding that I’m worried about, it’s more the content of any activity that I will be doing.
I understand that it is important to engage our service users in a worthwhile activity that is fun but I’d like to include life skills so that they are more able to do things for themselves.
The obvious ones being financial awareness, basic cooking skills and hygiene both personal and environmental but I was wondering if there are any sites which can aid me in structuring these activities to provide an achievable end goal with some kind of recognition for their hard work?
I understand the three groupings in your email and for me its about how to deliver these topics in a way that our service users will find engaging and rewarding.
Thanks for your time Chris

Hi Chris,
Have you looked at East Kent Mencap’s Website, Look under Resource Centre. They have activities during the week.


Hello – and good luck with your application to an activity co-ordinator role. I work for Us in a Bus and the best way we have found to combine the learning and fun elements you describe is through the use of Intensive Interaction. It is the foundation of the social interaction opportunities we facilitate; it helps us to address communicative development and social inclusion – and have fun in the process. Get in touch if you want to hear more www.usinabus.org.uk.