Micro provider

Hi, does anyone here use a micro provider? Just wondering as it’s what I do but there doesn’t seem like many people using their service

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Tell us more about what is offered … and what seems to be the obstacle(s) …

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Personal assistant providing professional and quality support on a 1-1 basis. Specialising in supporting children and adults with learning difficulties. Elderly care also available.

I have over eight years experience supporting people in their own homes and the community. I have supported people with Aspergers, autistic spectrum disorders, dementia and Parkinson’s. I have also worked in an education environment supporting young adults with SEMH (social, emotional and mental health issues), people with profound and multiple learning difficulties, people with severe learning difficulties and people with autistic spectrum disorders.


• Life skills
• Personal care
• Shopping
• Domestic duties
• Meal preparation
• Social activities (cinema, café, restaurant)
• Leisure activities (gym, swimming, walking)
• Escorted appointments
• Befriending and companionship
• Respite care
• Medication
• Day trips

My service is charged at £13 ph but there are day services nearby that charge £50 per day which is cheaper. Hence no one uses micro services.

Where are you based Paul. We are a Birmingham based charity?

I’m based in Somerset