NAS Training - Understanding stress and anxiety in autism and their impact on behaviour: 15th June, Manchester & 22nd November, London

Understanding stress and anxiety in autism and their impact on behaviour

This one-day course explores stress and anxiety in autism and how these may be expressed. Discussing behaviour that challenges, the session examines how to best support people proactively as well as during difficult times of increased anxiety. The SPELL framework is applied as a structured approach in understanding the person and their behaviour.

Course overview
• What is stress and anxiety?
• Anxiety in autism
• Defining behaviour and ‘behaviour that challenges’
• Applying the SPELL framework when understanding and assessing behaviour that challenges in autism

Who should attend?
This course is suitable for anyone working with children or adults on the autism spectrum. A prior understanding of autism is required for this course. This course does not provide training in the use of physical intervention.

Benefits of attending
• Develop an understanding of how stress and anxiety affect people
• Understand the impact of increased stress and anxiety in people on the autism spectrum
• Identify different definitions of what behaviour is, and how ‘behaviour that challenges’ has been defined in the literature.
• Develop skills in understanding and assessing behaviour by applying the SPELL framework. Specifically by looking at:

  • The benefits of adopting a structured approach and how to do this
  • The importance of understanding the reasons behind someone’s increased anxiety
  • Ways that help in developing understanding and empathy
  • Specific proactive and reactive strategies
  • The benefits of maintaining consistency and working alongside the individual, their family and other professionals

Continued Professional Development
This course is certified by the CPD certification service (the leading independent CPD accreditation institution) as conforming to continuing professional development principles. All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance detailing eligible CPD hours which can be used as verifiable documentary evidence when submitting CPD recording forms.

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