New factsheets on money for family carers

Dosh has launched a new series of factsheets for family carers who manage their relative’s money. Managing money for your relative can be an important connection to them, but can also be stressful, worrying and confusing. We have worked with family carers to find out what information they need to help them and written these factsheets based on this work.

Our factsheets cover information on:

  • benefits
  • appointeeship
  • mental capacity
  • planning for the future
  • checklist for financial health
  • top tips for managing family money
  • where does the money come from (infographic)

These are available to download for free from:

If you have any questions or concerns about managing your relative’s money now and in the future, you are very welcome to contact Dosh via or 0300 303 1288.

We hope these resources will be useful not only to family carers, but also to people with a learning disability and professionals working in the sector. Please do share them with your networks, colleagues, family and friends.