New look NHS England easy read newsletter now out

At NHS England we’ve just published a new look easy read newsletter. I would be grateful if you could share it with your networks. Also- if you could share your thoughts on content and accessibility. We used the font which Photosymbols recommended- Sofia -with the easier to read ‘a’, but this comes at a cost- so useful to get feedback from others.

In this edition you can find out about:

Epilepsy care
The right home can help
Extra help from your doctor, like annual health checks
Transforming Care Partnerships – checking how they are doing
Meet the NHS England family carer advisors

The easy read newsletter looks very good to me. You mention that the Sofia font comes at a cost. Have you tried Century Gothic? It is very similar and has the easier to read ‘a’ but is widely available as part of Microsoft packages including Word at no extra cost. This also means that you avoid compatibility issues eg if sending non-pdf version to others for comment, editing etc.

Have you tried Comic Sans MS as that also has the easier to read ‘a’.