NHS Bowel Cancer Screening easy read poster/flyer - UPDATED Feb 2024

This is an updated easy read poster/flyer encouraging people to do their bowel cancer screening test if they are sent one in the post.

Anyone aged 60 to 74, lowering to 50 by 2025, who lives in England and is registered with a GP practice will be sent a test in the post automatically, every two years.

The poster says:

Make sure you do your bowel cancer screening

If you are sent a free NHS bowel cancer screening kit in the post make sure you do it.

The kit tests for early signs of bowel cancer. Your bowel is the part of the body that gets rid of food you do not need. This is called poo.

The test is easy to do. You just need to poo. You can ask someone you trust like a family member or carer to help.

When you have done the test, post the box back to us.

Your results will be checked and you will be told if you need to do anything else. Finding cancer early makes it easier to treat.

20230605_nhs-bowel-screening_EasyRead-Poster-WebAcc.pdf (970.5 KB)

The updated NHS bowel cancer screening easy read leaflet about how to do the test is also available on this resources page

You can find out how to do the test in the easy read leaflet at nhs.uk/bowel-screening

Help Us Help You - Screening saves lives

This easy read poster was written and updated by the NHS in February 2024.

You can find other NHS resources including easy read versions of materials at campaignresources.dhsc.gov.uk

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