Online Safeguarding Policy

Hi everyone. ARC England has recently launched a new workshop, ‘Online Harms & Grooming: supporting people with learning disabilities and autism stay safe on social media’, which has evaluated well.

We have been asking around to see if anyone has a specific policy on Online Safeguarding and/or Digital Well-being. So far we have drawn a blank. Is there anyone on the Forum who might have such a policy they are willing to share? Or perhaps you are working on one and would like to collaborate? Thanks, Rod.

You can find out more about the workshop here: Online Harms and Grooming: Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism to Stay Safe on Social Media: A Workshop for Support Staff - ARC England.

How to Stay Safe Online - Guidance for Adults and Young People with Learning Disabilities - Digital Safeguarding - Ann Craft Trust
this maybe a starting point

Many thanks – much appreciated.