Participants with learning disabilities aged 18-35 invited to take part in 2 student projects

Hi there, My name is Cathy Randle-Phillips and I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer at the University of Bath. I’m currently supervising two projects at the University where we are looking for people with learning disabilities to answer some questionnaires via video chat due to the current restrictions on face-to-face contact. The projects were planned before lockdown, but both cover topics which may be of particular interest during this time. We have full (non-NHS) ethical approval.

Project 1: Body image, self-esteem and social media use
We are looking for people with learning disabilities aged 18-35 who use at least one form of social media to answer questions about their social media use, as well as brief questions about how they feel about themselves and the way they look.

Project 2: Physical activity in young people with learning disabilities: the role of depression, self-determination and motivation
Nicola Gregson (Trainee Clinical Psychologist) is looking for people with learning disabilities aged 18-35 to answer questions about how much physical activity they are doing, alongside questions about why they take part in physical activity, and how they feel about themselves.

For each study the questionnaires should take around 20-30mins to complete. We are able to offer a small voucher payment for each as a thank-you for taking part.

If you are interested in finding out more about either project please do get in touch. Many thanks, Cathy (

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