Paving the Way: new website for parents of children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) and the Council for Disabled Children (CDC) have recently launched a new website called ‘Paving the Way.’ The website aims to provide families, professionals, staff, and commissioners with information about how to reduce challenging behaviour and to improve the wellbeing of children with learning disabilities.

This website is a result of the Early Intervention Project – a joint project, now in its third year, between the CBF and the CDC. The project has centred on helping families who are raising children with learning disabilities whose behaviour may be described as challenging to get the right information and support early on. The ‘Paving the Way’ website aims to collate all the information and resources that the project has generated in one easy-to-navigate site.

Resources on the website include stories about what families have found helpful, case studies and examples of good practice to inspire commissioners and professionals to develop better services, as well as other tools, information, and resources. The site also contains a blog which we will be updating regularly with new project information, new resources, and developments on a national level around early intervention.

Amongst the resources on the new site are a set of resources for family carers on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), developed in partnership with the PBS Academy. PBS is the best evidenced method of supporting people with learning disabilities whose behaviours are described as challenging, yet families carers are not always given information about PBS and are very rarely offered training. This resource aims to equip family carers with some of the information and tools they may need and to signpost to further support.