People with learning disabilities being failed by health system

Five years on from the Winterbourne View scandal, an RCN report shows people with learning disabilities are still being let down.

The report shows that since 2010 the learning disability nursing workforce in England has been cut by a third. That’s a total of 1,700 posts, a third of which are senior nurses…

I feel my son with Learning disabilities has had a rough deal with health. He has has issues for a while with behaviour, anxiety bowel problems but trying to get this noticed and addressed was a long journey services not quick enough to react so that made use struggle with these issues and when services are not available at W/ends it becomes isolated. I think communication is a big issue and attitudes. GPs need more training in this area to support them also I think links to the surgery with people who are experienced would be a good move. There needs to be more involvement to get this right. I have complained to NHS England, PALS and Health watch. I am active in many meetings and do campaign. I have a 2 petitions at regarding DLA changes and concerns about the ESA benefit please view and support by signing and support by sharing link my name to view it. Thank you.

Hi, Do you have the direct links to the petitions? Thanks!

Here are the links to the two petitions:

Employment and Support Allowance Benefit Listen to and support the People who are unable to work relating to there Health and Disabilities.

Stop the change to indefinite claim on Disability Living Allowance Benefit

Thank you so much Neil for supporting and showing my Petitions I appreciate this and hope they get the signatures to support this to a win in Parliament.
Please click on the petition links above and Sign/Share. If there are problems I have put updates to support you signing. Thank you. :slight_smile: