Person looking for a disability pen pal organisation

Hi Choice Forum - we’ve had an enquiry from a young person with a learning disability who wants to write to new pen pals. I have looked for disability pen pal organisations online, and have found a few, but I don’t want to recommend any unless I know they are verified and legitimate.

Are there any good disability pen pal organisations? I’d also like to know what other ways of introducing pen pals there are.

Thank you / diolch!

Kai, Learning Disability Wales

Well I love writing letters so I’d be their pen pal! I’m a trainer in East Sussex County Council adult social care and have a background in supporting people with learning disabilities. Another suggestion is to contact the ‘Involvement Matters Team’ in East Sussex - they are a group of people who do a lot of work to represent the views of people with a LD in East Sussex, including producing ‘There’s more to me than LD’ videos which can be found on YouTube. They are such a lovely group who deliver some training with me - one of them may be interested in having a pen-pal :slight_smile:
They can be emailed at

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Hello Kai,

I realise this is several months old but I was wondering if you still were looking for pen pals?

I work in a small residential home and one of the ladies I support would like a pen-pal (old fashioned, not electronic)

Hope you are well.


Hi Jedo, are you still looking for a pen pan?