Placement for complex needs

My sister has cerebral palsy and a severe learning disability. She is 34, fully dependent for all activities and requires 24hr support.
The home where she was living was a small bungalow for 4 adults with similar needs which closed a year ago unfortunately and we have not had any success in finding anything similar.
Social services are now suggesting homes for 40-90 yr olds which we feel is inappropriate.
Could anyone recommend a small, well run care home/supported living placement for people with complex needs? We live in Bromley, Kent but location is not an issue as my parents would move closer to wherever my sister is living.
In anticipation!
Many thanks,

Hi Kirstie

If your sister is willing to move area the following post from the LDOX forum in Oxfordshire may be of interest:

Good luck with your search.

Thank you for the link, will contact them to find out more.
Best wishes,