Please complain to Apple about the App Library!

Good morning!

My son is experiencing problems using his Ipad now that Apple has introduced the App Library. The App Library cannot be hidden so he can now easily access it and open any app that it is in it, including Safari, so he also “browses” the internet! I have phoned up Apple Support and complained. They said that all they could do would be to put in a Features Request, which they did for me. I also went to and submitted a Features Request myself. There is a word limit here so I wrote:

“My adult son has a severe learning disability. He has difficulty in selecting his favourite apps. To help him select appropriate apps we used to hide apps so that only a few were available on his home screen.

Now that Apple has introduced the App Library my son just swipes to the right to the App Library screen and randomly selects any app.

So, the App Library is making it impossible for my son to use his Ipad in a way that is beneficial to him. It means that he has paid a lot of money for a tablet that is no longer suitable for his needs.

I would like to request that you make it possible to hide this feature as soon as possible or else that you give us a way that would make everything in it inaccessible to him apart from the apps that he is using.”

Apple probably will take no notice of one request, so if any of your sons/daughters are experiencing the same problem please contact Apple Support on 0800 107 6285 and/or send feedback using the link above.

If any of you have already found a way to overcome this problem I would be really pleased to her from you!

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You haven’t said what your concerns are about him browsing the internet, does he not have the capacity to use the internet? Or are you concerned about specific web sites? You can block websites (i think a google search will tell you how)

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