PMLD Engaging pupils in Learning and Tactile Communication - November 2015

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PMLD Engaging Pupils in Learning
Chellow Heights School ( South Campus BD6 1 EA) 5th Nov 2015
ACE Oxford Cassington (OX29 4SZ) 12th Nov 2015 -
Time 9:30 - 3:30
A course suitable for anyone teaching or supporting a child or young person, with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). No prior knowledge is required and it has been found to be ideal for teachers or support staff new to working with PMLD. More experienced staff will benefit from an opportunity to reflect and develop their current practice.
This course explores areas that are particularly relevant in enabling an individual to get the most out of their environment and addressing their need to feel safe and secure within it. It offers an overview of development, assessing and measuring progress and communication as well as exploring practical activities for interaction and engagement.
• How a child with PMLD may perceive the world
• How to engage children successfully in fun activities
• How to support children at an early level of communicative competence
• Sensory systems and the impact of impairment
• How to plan learning activities and develop resources for a sensory curriculum

ACE Oxford Cassington ( OX29 4SZ) 13th Nov 2015
Chellow Heights School ( South Campus BD6 1 EA) 19th Nov 2015
Time 9:30 - 3:30
This course is suitable for anyone working with children or adults at very early stages of development or with sensory / multi sensory impairment
You will have a greater understanding of how non-verbal pupils communicate.
• Developing understanding using a range of early communication strategies ( including Objects of reference and Touch Cues)
• Promoting language development and communication skills in a proactive environment
• Understanding the skills the student needs to learn
• How to implement effective strategies in your setting
• Planning for progression
• Experience communication difficulties for yourself
The course offers practical knowledge of equipment and techniques and will develop your confidence to use them. You will have new ideas you can take away and use the very next day.

Cost - Excellent value
£140 per delegate inc lunch
£240 for 2 delegates from same organisation
£360 for 3 places and get the 4th place FREE
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book both courses at the same venue and pay £240 for both days per person
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