PMLD In-House Activities

I have recently started work as a supervisor in a home that supports people with PMLD.

I am in the process of compiling the tenants likes and dislikes to pit together activity plans for each of the.

What activities can be done in house that they may enjoy?


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Can I be included in replies to this post please?
Carolann Bowers

Hello, congratulations on your new job, there are lots and lots of wonderful things you can do with your clients with PMLD in all of them you’ll be thinking about what the sensory aspect of the activity is that they can engage with.

I run The Sensory Project which creates sensory stories so of course my first suggestion is going to be a sensory story because I just love them.

I am wondering where you are based, as the charity Bag Books and The Sensory Project have recently joined forces to post out a load of free sensory stories to adult care settings around the country as part of International Book Giving Day so watch your post, you might be getting one. If not there are lots of free activities under the education tab of my website and you’re welcome to contact me directly if you need more support, (I confess to not being very good at the forum so you are better contacting me via my email or social media accounts)

Kind regards
Jo Grace


Sometimes its about encouraging people to be involved in the everyday activities and breaking activities down to suit the individual e.g. preparing vegetables; washing them in a bowl of water, hand over hand chopping or even just being handed vegetables to feel and smell while the staff member talks through what they are doing - being involved in any way possible.

Another example is sorting laundry, the clients might not be able to do all the laundry, but a staff member could get clean washing out of a tumble dryer and put them on an persons lap ready to fold - instantly you have a lovely sensory activity, feeling the warmth and smelling the freshness while being involved in what could be seen as a routine and boring task.

Good luck!


Hi there,

Have you considered looking at Intensive Interaction?
You could get some help or support in this area from your Community Learning Disability Team.
There are also courses that you can go on to learn about intensive interaction, which are really useful, particularly for our ‘client’s’ with profound and multiple disabilities.

Including people with everyday daily activities is also beneficial and can help people feel valued and included.
Even if it is just holding a duster, participating in household chores, it will all help with a total approach to communication also.

I find that in some care homes, people tend to work ‘around’ people when it comes to household chores and this can lead to people feeling a little bored, and devalued. That is unless they have a serious strong objection to chores! :slight_smile:
Sensory boxes are also a good idea. These do not require much money and can be very person centred, for example, having items that have a favourite smell of perfume on them, crinkly paper etc, can be used to stimulate the senses.
I would also suggest that a sensory integration assessment is sought for people with PMLD as this can be helpful in looking are areas of possible deficit or hyper-sensitivity. Therefore particular activities can be identified and used to support the individual.

Good Luck



We have put together a few examples of activities . I’m not sure where you are, but if you were in the Farnborough/Camberley (Hampshire/Surrey) area at any time you’d be welcome to visit and share ideas!

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Hi JoGrace,
I currently work as a deputy in a PMLD service and I m interested in these sensory stories for our Tenants.
Many Thanks

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Hi Dee - yes explore the very good sensory stories - but I would also recommend the earlier replies about promoting engagement in everyday activities. Very often people with PMLD are not considered physically and intellectually able enough to get involved in the stuff of everyday life - but they certainly are if the right approaches are used - see

Hi Dee

Gosh this thread is now 4 years old, and my website has changed. you can find the sensory stories there but if you have a look around there are also free resources under the ‘education’ tab and during Lockdown I have been curating a list of FREE resources being given away by all sorts of lovely people and organisations, there is so much out there, have an explore.

All the best