PMLD Standards Update?

HI all. We (United Response) are planning to work with our services that support people with pround and multiple learning disabilities to explore and implement the PMLD standards. I just want to check: have they been updated since 2017?

Hi John - I’ll email you - sorry for my very slow response! Annie

Hi John.
I can’t answer your question I am afraid but I can tell you that ARC recently brought together a number of its members who operate PMLD services to form our own network.
We held our first online meeting a few weeks ago and the topic that the group agreed is most pressing right now is admissions to acute settings and ensuring people with profound and multiple learning disabilities receive the right care and support. If you would like to talk with me about the ARC PMLD network, please let me know John.

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thank you Annie. I appreciate it

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HI Clive - if you’d like to email me at we can arrange to talk. John