@PMLDchat - new social media network opportunity

@PMLDchat is a new twitter chat starting Monday 6th June at 8pm.
Aimed at absolutely anyone, family/friends/advocates, educational/health/social care professionals etc. The aim is to share knowledge, good practice and ideas to influence better standards of support and services nationally.
Check out the @PMLDchat twitter page for details and share with anyone you think may be interested.
Many thanks


We are really looking forward to this chat beginning, there’s been lots of interest on twitter already. Myself and Michael will be hosting the first chat (wish us luck) hopefully in time it will take off and we will be able to invite other people to host. Our first conversation is going to be about access to the community. So come with your ideas and success stories so we can share them far and wide across the twittersphere!

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Hi Michael

  • is there any way we can be involved via internet, if we do not subscribe to twitter?

I follow lots of discussions this way, albeit not live chat.

Grateful for any suggestions for a naive oldie who is keen to be involved!

Annie :no_mouth:

HI Annie,
Good thought, we are conscious Twitter is not for everyone. What other methods would you be aware of. I wonder if perhaps via the PMLD Network to enhance the discussion here and people can engage at a slower pace than Twitter? or wondered at possibly setting up a PMLDChat Facebook page to run alongside Twitter - to focus on people who access that a lot?