Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) survey for professionals

We have received the following email:

Skills, strengths and needs of practitioners and teams providing PBS to children & young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Dear Colleague

Are you a professional using PBS to support children and young people with learning disabilities or Autism Spectrum Condition?

Does this describe what you do?

“I use PBS to support other people who provide direct care (family caregivers and/or staff) to children or young people with learning disabilities or Autism Spectrum Condition or to other members of my team who have this kind of role.”

Then you might like to take part in the above survey.

What’s it about?

The survey asks about your role and team (where relevant) and allows you to rate your skills, experience, confidence and training needs in relation to different aspects of PBS

Why survey this?

PBS is increasingly recognised as the preferred approach for supporting those with behaviour that challenges yet little is known about the skills and need of practitioners providing this in the UK (especially for children and young people).The survey aims to find out more about this to help inform future training and support for practitioners. So hopefully a good opportunity to express some of what you do and say what you need to keep getting better at it!

What does it involve?

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. It includes mostly Likert-scale ratings with a small number of open qualitative response sections. All responses are made anonymously and should be relatively easy to make.

Do I have to take part?

It is your choice whether to take part. You can miss out questions you do not want to answer or terminate your involvement at any stage. Your decision will not affect whether you can continue to take part in this network or its activities.

Other information?

If you would like any additional information, would like to ask a question or have any concerns or complaints please do not hesitate to get in touch (N.J.Gore@Kent.ac.uk, Telephone: 01227 827755) or if I am not available Jo Ruffels (Secretary of Tizard Ethics Committee: J.Ruffels@kent.ac.uk, Telephone: 01227 827955).

Next Steps

If you would like to take part in the survey please click on the purple folder below to access the google form.


If you would like to complete the survey as a paper form please contact me and I will send this with a ready stamped envelope for return.

Yours faithfully,

Nick Gore

Dr Nick Gore

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow -
Senior Lecturer & Clinical Psychologist
Tizard Centre
University of Kent
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7LR
01227 827755