Postural care services: making reasonable adjustments

This report is the 16th in a series of reports looking at reasonable adjustments in a specific service area. The aim of these reports is to share information, ideas and good practice in relation to the provision of reasonable adjustments.

This latest guide is to help health and social care professionals and family carers and supporters learn more about how to support the postural care needs of people with learning disabilities who are at risk of body distortion. Consequences of poor postural care can be severe and life-threatening.

Poor postural care can affect people who find it hard to move or spend a long time in a limited number of positions, whether this is due to a disability, a stroke or old age. Whilst this report focuses on what we know about postural care for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities there will be wider implications for other groups of people. The report includes links to useful resources and good practice case studies.

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