Recruiting participants for study

Hello everyone,
I am an MSc Applied Child Psychology student at Nottingham Trent University who is conducting a research study under supervision to understand emotion regulation in children diagnosed with autism. The research is conducted for the purpose of my dissertation submission for the master’s course. The study would involve interviewing parents of autistic children, which would last 30 minutes. The interview would take place online and age of the children must be between 8-12 years old. If you are interested in participating, you could reply to my post. I need 6-8 parents for the study. The purpose of this study is to understand emotion regulation in autism and that understanding would contribute to the development of interventions.
Any parent willing to give an interview, can reply to this post and I will contact them. I would like to point out that the study is completely voluntary and all details provided will remain anonymous.
Hoping to hear from people soon!