recruitment for persons with an intellectual disability

To whom it may concern,

Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves. Our names are Kandianos Emmanouil Sakalidis and Waleed Dreegia and we are both PhD researchers at Northumbria University in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (Sport, Exercise, and Rehabilitation Department). Our background and speciality is in the field of adapted physical activity, which focuses on creating and developing sport and physical activity opportunities for people with Disabilities. 

Currently, as PhD students, we are engaged in promising projects focusing on ways to facilitate physical activity and sport engagement in special populations, specifically, in people with Intellectual Disabilities (Learning Disabilities).  Our projects include the application of several questionnaires, physical activity trials, and sport performance trials that are safe and suitable for this population. Our projects' features also, are in a position to ensure absolute respect and confidentiality for people with Intellectual Disabilities and their legal guardians.

We are genuinely interested in recruiting people (adolescents and adults) with Intellectual Disabilities to participate in our collaborative projects. For this reason, we would like to kindly request your assistance to provide us with potential participants to partake in our collaborative projects. As we strongly believe that people with Intellectual Disabilities deserve to have the same opportunities to be active as everyone else, we aim in a long-term collaboration with a purpose to improve the quality of of life of people with Intellectual Disabilities through our projects.

For further information about our collaborative projects, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone call. If it is necessary, we would be more than happy to discuss about the projects in person as well.

We are looking forward for your reply.


Waleed Dreegia BSc, MSc, PhD Student

Kandianos Emmanouil Sakalidis BSc, MSc, PhD Student

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