We are looking at redecorating and getting new furniture for the day centre where I work. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any places to find sensory decorations or any hard wearing easy clean arm chairs. I’ve been doing some research but everything I’ve come up with is too hospital like which is what we’re trying to move away from.

The best place for what you are looking for is IKEA. I agree the catalogues for 'special needs’are so fuddy fuddy. There ranges are modern, well made and easy clean. There are some really good wall lighting, wall pictures etc Have alook in the children’s department for a sun and moon etc, they are up in my front room!
I have used their furniture in two schools I have been head of and it just feels right, if you do get some ask for a discount, you may be lucky, I did!
Good luck, Flo

I work in an extra scheme where communal areas have furniture that is easy to clean and hard wearing yet it look homely. Similar furniture can be found on

Contact Soft Adventure Play at they don’t have a website as all their business is by word of mouth or recommendation. Sheila and Colin make all their own chairs for sensory rooms and their prices are very reasonable.They have been doing our sensory room for years.

Wendy Seaton Charge Nurse Eliburn Support Service

When you are re-decorating, do please remember that minor adaptions can make an enormous difference to people with sight and/or hearing problems. Many people with learning difficulties have sensory impairments, but not everyone has been identified.

People with sight problems can be helped by good colour contrasts (such as a blue door against a white wall) and consistent lighting. (More information from the SeeAbility website or your local rehabilitation officer for visually impaired people, employed by a local authority or local society for blind people).

As someone with imperfect hearing, I cannot stress strongly enough how some environments reduce participation when sound bounces around because there are no soft fittings to absorb it. Some settings are simply deafening - and so really tiring to be in.