Reduced or flexible timetable for ASD/anxiety pupil


Does anyone have any experience of their child having a reduced or flexible school timetable? My child is 12years old, has an ASD diagnosis and is suffering with anxiety. Currently refusing to go to school so I’m trying to find out what the options might be. I want to keep him in school but he can’t cope with a full week.


I’m a primary school governor and I’m sure we had a child who needed this kind of support and help before. Your school should be working with you to help develop a regime for him at school whoch would help him cope and a process of short-time school on a route to help him get back. He should I’d have thought also have a statement so he could have support in school. I recall a couple of children with autism on our school where the class had organised them a work station, their own place, away from the group with things organised for them as they wanted in ways that help relieve their anxiety. They could go there when they felt anxious so they could work there - and then they could re-join the group when they felt less anxious. Obviously what helps varies for each child but you should have the help to help your child get back to school - little by little with whatever seems the least worrying part of school for him. It sounds as if he needs some proper support to develop a programme and help him manage his anxiety - a psychologist should be able to help him with techniques to help I’d have thought but I’m also sure you’ll know what works best for him so you could help the school adjust?


Thank you so much for your comments. I have a meeting with the school tomorrow so hopefully we’ll be able to come to some arrangement. It’s so difficult watching your own child go through this.