Register to vote - Easy Information for People with Learning Disabilities

Easy Read Online have shared the following information about registering to vote which may be useful to members of the Choice Forum and the people you are supporting.

Register to vote

9.4 million people not registered to vote

The Electoral Commission says that about 9.4million people in the UK are not properly registered to vote. Many of these will be people with a learning disability.

People with a learning disability need to have a say in the General Election. Whoever wins this election will control their benefits, their housing, their social care services and their health services for the next 5 years.

Registering is easy

We have created some Easy Read information which explains how to register to vote. It will help people with a learning disability, their carers and support workers to make sure people are properly registered and can take part.

Please share it with:

  • People with a learning disability that you know
  • All the people who work with people with a learning disability that you know

You need to be registered to vote and you need to register by Tuesday 26th November .

Register to vote. Click to download the Easy Read PDF (2.6MB)


Do you know if there are any plans to do Easy Read manifestos when they are produced? These were done a few elections ago and were very helpful.



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