Research on future planning: invitation for siblings of people with learning disabilities to take part


I’m Becky and I’m a researcher at Kingston and St George’s University of London working on the 'Growing Older Planning Ahead’ study. We are looking for people who have a sibling with a learning disability, aged 40+, who either lives with their parent(s) or who moved out in the last three years. We would like to speak with people about their experiences, hopes and concerns about their sibling living at home and planning for the future.

You can watch a video which explains the study here:

We are also recruiting parents and people with learning disabilities to this study, but we are particularly keen to make sure that there is also a strong voice for siblings within the research.

If you would like some more information about the study, you can either call/text me on 07942265707 or email me at

Thank you!


Hi I’m a trustee at kingston MENCap.
If you contacted us via our website I’m sure we could ask our members and their families if they were interested in joining in.

That’s great, thank you very much. I’ll do that now.