Research opportunity for adults with a learning disability - Volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for research study.

Study Poster.pdf (229.6 KB)

I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist running a study to find out more about how and when Adults with a Learning Disability ask for support when experiencing pain. This research will help to understand more about what makes it easier or harder for Adults with Learning Disabilities to ask for help when in pain.

Taking part in the research would involve filling out a short questionnaire. It would also involve meeting with me over a video-call for an interview. This would take up to 1 hour. You can have someone you trust with you during the interview as well.

If you are an Adult with a Learning Disability and would like to be involved in this research, please contact me using the email address below. You can also ask someone to do this for you. I will then send you more information about the study and ask you to sign a form if you want to take part.

Alice Trainer

(This study has received research ethics clearance through Teesside University School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law Research Ethics Sub-Committee)