Research study on homeliness looking for a family member to join co-design group

Do you have a family member with a learning disability living in a group home?

The Feeling at Home study based at King’s College London is looking for a family member to join its co-design group.

The study explores how people with learning disabilities living in group homes can feel at home where they live.

We have worked with residents, family members, and staff to explore homeliness in group home settings. The participants are currently exhibition their work at an exhibition.

The next stage is to use the research findings to produce a checklist and toolkit which can be used to improve this aspect of the environment in group homes.

We will do this via the co-design group which will be made up of residents, family members, professionals, group home staff, researchers, and a designer.

The group will meet about 6 times over 3 months in central London, starting in late October.

We can cover travel expenses and give vouchers for attending the meetings.

Do you want to find out more?
Contact Katy Brickley on or 07791 071850.